We are a team of professional developers and designers

We bring your ideas to life using latest developement technologies available. Flexible approach allows us to quickly achieve primary goals while minimising financial risks on your part


What we do

Business automation that takes into account your unique business model

Help our clients with the automation of routine tasks, thereby increasing their working and production efficiency. Create customised CRM, ERP and B2B portals using web services and web applications of any complexity. Strive to minimise your costs by means of flexible staged approach to the task at hand.

Out of the box solutions usually require you to totally change your current business practices and apply a set of new ones, on which the new software is based. More often then not this is impossible, that is why commercial CRM and ERP software usually has a plethora of settings and tweaks, that are aimed of at least partially customizing it for the particular customer. This, in turn, calls for a lengthy and tedious setup process, which, in the end, is not unlike creating the very same ERP or CRM system from scratch.

It is normally a much better idea to invest into your own customised solution, created specifically for your business. In the very least this will allow you to keep your unique business practices in place. After all, that is what probably makes you better then your competition.

Tell us more about your company and we guarantee that together we will find an optimal solution just for you.


We minimize your risks

We will study your business, take into account your ideas and provide you with the optimal soultion that suits your budget.

Find out, how we do it.

What it looks like

To solve your task we may create:

Web services

We create web services and applications with any functionality you may require.


We develop multifunctional websites, corporate portals, landing pages and much more.


We provide effective SaaS (software as a service) solutions that work for you and generate profits. We provide support, develop and scale these solutions as your business grows.

High-load projects

Maintain and support your critical high-load projects.


We design and create user-friendly software and simply love creating complex and sophisticated software that runs on all popular platforms.

CRM and ERP systems

We create customized CRM and ERP systems and help integrating them or the most popular existing CRM systems into your existing infrastructure.

Mobile applications

We develop all kinds of IOS and Android applications that are a breeze to use.


We can help you to implement any types of payment gateways, systems and services.

How we work

The life cycle of a typical project


We arrange one ore more meetings with you, during which we ask you a lot (really a lot) of questions, to get the clear understanding of the task at hand.

Brainstorming and global specifications

We figure out how to complete your project most effectively and cost efficiently, create the main spec sheet and form a preliminary list of sprints for the project.

Prototyping sprint specifications

We present you with the solution, create prototypes and further define sprints (or stages) of the project.


We create the design either for the entire project or just for the part of it that is required in the confines of the current sprint.


Carrying out the project step by step while at the same time making sure the next sprint can easily be adapted, if required.


Each stage of developement goes through rigorous testing to make sure that the final product is of a top quality.


We use Agile software developement methods.


"Sprint" is a term used in Agile developement methodology. Put simply, it is a stage, at which a certain functionality is added into the project.


We divide the entire project into small and managable stages, so that we can easily implement changes should the need arise.


Each sprint only adds the functionality needed at the current stage. This allous for a quick project launch, while saving you the costs, because you don't need to pay for the entire project straight away.

In our work we use

Modern technologies and tools


Objective C

Our portfolio

Some of the interesting projects we have completed

Business card print service

The goal: To develop a web-based application that will allow the print shop to automate online and offline order placements, coordinate the workflow between various departments and increase working efficiency.

Solution: Pay very close attention to the design of client-side interface (a part where no expense can be spared), while the back-end employee interface can remain plain yet functional, thus saving on the developement costs. Implement the payment systems in a few stages, starting from the cash payments only. Large, but less critical parts of the functionality can be added at the lated stages of developement. The service will be implemented in three stages: offline orders, online orders with cash payments, online orders with payments directly on the site.

First sprint results:
Achieved: 76% of functionality
Spent: 24% of resources
First sprint investments:
Money: ~$6,000 ~$32,000
Time:    5 weeks ~7 months

Cloud based software for cab companies

Goal: Implement a cloud based application for the cab companies, that will replace the existing solution. The software should include a web application for dispatchers' workstations, back office for administration, mobile app for the drivers and the consumer application.

Solution: Because the old solution needed to be replaced without hampering the functionality of the service, the initial phase of developement was quite lengthy. During the implementation of the new service a critical limitation on the maximum server load was removed, time of completing the order was reduced from 8 to 5 seconds. Dispatchers' productivity increased by over 50%, amount of completed orders has increased by 30%.

First sprint results:
Achieved: 60% of functionality
Spent: 16% of resources
First sprint investments:
Money: ~$26,000 ~$156,000
Time:    3 months ~1 year

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