About the company

What we do

Mostly software developent in the following areas

We help startups to

  • create turnkey services for mass use;
  • design srever infrastructure;
  • develop specialised software and interfaces;
  • create mobile applications.

Develop custom solutions for business process automation —

  • CRM and ERP systems that take into account current business processes setup in a particular project;
  • various internal services to facilitate intra-company communication and improve productivity.

Help Digital agencies with

  • outsourcing everything involving coding that is required during the website developement, especially with complicated cases, as well as page-proofs, if needed.

What we DON'T do

How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

  • We do not create basic websites (we are programmers and software engineers);
  • We do not run advertising campaigns and do SEO;
  • We do not provide system integration services for the 3d party software;
  • We do not change light bulbs, inflate baloons and a lot of other stuff in the areas where we do not consider ourselves experts.

Where we do it

We cater for customers in Russia, Europe, Asia and Africa

Our offices are located in Moscow and Cheboksary, Moscow being the head office. Cheboksary is where most of the software developement takes place.

We also have representatives in major Russian cities, as well as in Singapore and Cape Town.

Who we are and what we strive towards

We are a friendly ever-growing team of inquisitive minds. We make the world better, life more comfortable, bring closer the world peace and space colonisation (or at least we hope we do).


Our contacts

Phones and offices

Phone:+7 (499) 705-70-04
Address:ул. Ярославская, дом 8, корп. 8, офис 435, Москва, Россия 129164
Cape Town Singapore Toronto Soon
Иван Пришвин
Иван Пришвин

Meet us

Hao Dong
Hao Dong
Chief Project Manager,
South-Eastern Asia
Андрей Венский
Andrey Vensky
Chief Project Manager,
South Africa
Илья Петровский
Ilia Petrovsky
Chief Project Manager,
Central Russia

Александр Цыганков
Aleksander Tsygankov
Chief Project Manager,
Eastern Russia
Ivan Prishvin
Chief Project Manager,
Eastern Europe
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